Toda Village

This village has 22 units of traditional houses (Umma Kalada) and 89 old original stone graves. And in this village sacred items are stored in the form of spears, statues, knives, kris, rubies, mamoli and others.

Pero Batang Village, Kodi District.

MENGENAI Toda Village

Toda village was founded by RatoModo; a few days later, he built a tower called Umma ToghiAlli as a temporary storage place for saced items such as spears, sculptures, and knives.

Afterwards, he built a small cottage called Umma Kahilaas a permanent storage for sacred items. When construction of Umma Kahilla was completed, Rato Moto held a party called Woleka by slaughtering a male buffalo, one wild boar, and seven chickens for the complete transfer of the sacred items.

Since then, RatoModo’s party continues to be carried out today by the local community which still uses Umma Kahilla as a place to store the community’s sacred items including RatoModo’s belongings.

These items must be washed at certain times during traditional ceremonies or festivities which are likely to have been done by RatoModo himself. This village has 22 traditional houses and 89 old original tomb stones.